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See what happens when no one reminds me I was supposed to post? Lol, sheesh more than a week later! :P It really is too bad that not a lot of people blog anymore and sometimes I wonder if I should stop altogether and just go back to a standard website with nothing but little tidbits here and there adorning the site. However, I think I would miss it when the day’s come where I need to vent or brag or whatever about something in life that I feel is worth mentioning. I have a few things going on right now here at home, one would be planning both kids birthday parties all while dealing with the holiday’s too! Haley’s turning 10 in 3 weeks and Michael will be turning 7 two weeks before Christmas…. can we say stress? Yup just a little bit lol.

Obviously hubby did make it back from his deployment and thankfully safe and sound. We found out he won’t be deploying anymore while we’re currently stationed here in Charleston and we are now looking at what our options are for bases in the next year. Anyhoo, gonna get on here later tonight when the kids are in bed and discuss something else.