Hola Friday!

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So it’s Red Ribbon Week at the kiddo’s school and each day had a theme for the kids to participate in, today was dress up as a character from a book or career person. Michael asked me if it was okay for him to wear his Captain America costume to school (without the mask cuz those weren’t allowed), I told him of course because technically that character IS in books which tell stories plus he’s been around since 1941 so people know he’s a story character lol. Haley decided to go the career path and threw her apron on and went as a Baker, she thought she could make it out of the house with all my kitchen utensils & the vanilla extract unnoticed though! Crazy kid.
Haley the Baker

Went to the school this morning for the awards ceremony, Haley made it on the all ‘A Honor Roll’. She told me earlier this year when school ended for the Summer that she was going to try extra hard to get the all A’s Year Round Honor Roll for this school year lol. She’s got an awesome teacher and so far she’s doing great! :)

Going to paint and carve pumpkins tonight while we watch “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Maybe I’ll make us some goodies to snack on or something. Popcorn for sure tonight. ;)

Before I cut this short again I think I finally got the hang of my cake pop decorating! Woot, check out my pumpkin spice filled pumpkin pops!
Pumpkin Pops

Oh and I updated my Q*Bee pages, ttfn! ;)