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Anyone still with me here? Okay, well as you can see the holiday’s (and birthday’s) took hold of me and I’m just now being freed lol. Been trying to tidy up my Q*Bee page and finally got around to washing my quilt… only took me 10 months. :/ So I got that updated finally and I think I might just go ahead and join the Pixel Group with Mindy’s persuasion lol. Love ya girl! ;)

Not much really going on around here, we’re all just adjusting to going back to our regular schedules now that school is back in session and hubby’s back at work. Gonna take this afternoon and finish taking down the decorations on the Christmas tree and get it all put away finally.

We spent Christmas in Virginia btw, which was nice since we hadn’t been up there since the 1st weekend in September for the opening Hokies football game. When we went there we were only there for a day so we didn’t get to visit any family aside from hubby’s parents, so it was really nice to actually hang out and visit half of the family and most of our friends (the other half of the family is in West Virginia and mine is mostly in California).

Haley was happy she finally got the American Girl doll she REALLY wanted and Michael got himself a Nintendo DSi XL he wanted all from Santa. I got the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer I’ve wanted for like forever from hubby and I got him the PS3 Game Console. So we had a great Christmas and since we were all good little boy’s & girl’s we got great presents this year lol.

Now I gotta scurry off and get some stuff done before the kiddo’s come home from school (3 day weekend already lol)! TTFN!

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