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Two posts in one week… after a year of inactivity?!? Lol, yeah I’m trying here. I’ve had this blog sitting here for years now and for some years I was very active in blogging my thoughts or memories… then I just drifted off. Things happen, life changes, your thoughts change and that’s what basically happened with me. Still married, still got the kids, still got the b@stard cat, lol. Oh and STILL in South Carolina! We wished for orders on many occasions, but we’ve come to a point in our lives here where we’ve honestly made these absolutely wonderful friendships and these friends are more than “friends”, they’re our family now. The kids have spent the bulk of their life here, Haley was almost 3 when we moved here and Michael was born here, so this place really IS their home now. Anyway, I think if we ever moved away (post military career) it would be because of work for David. As it stands now, we don’t plan on moving unless we’re forced too.

Okay, so checking in on my weekly fitness schedule. I’m currently on the Beta cycle of Focus T25 and I’m loving how doable these workouts are and REALLY loving that they’re not long like Insanity was (still love Insanity too though). Last week was really bad for me cuz of that lovely Aunt visiting that no girl loves, she brought her headaches and back pain with her. I wanted to murder her. -_- So, I had to take an unscheduled break cuz I was a mess. I refused to let it get me down that I took that impromptu break, so I got back into it on Sunday, but I’m doing double days this week to make up for what I missed last week. I was gonna go through Saturday, but I think I’ll just keep my scheduled ‘Rest Day’. Don’t want to hurt myself or overdo it and then really fall off the wagon. When I started Insanity in January with my sister Jen I managed to lost 15lbs and she dropped I think 18. My purpose has never been to get skinny or look good for anyone, I want to FEEL good and comfortably happy in my own skin. The thing I love about T25 is that it’s a good mix of cardio and strength training (with optional weights or bands) for me, not only am I using my own body for tone up, but I’m getting stronger and enjoying the gradual hand weights increase. :)

Anyhoo, if anyone is on MyFitnessPal or has a Fitbit, leave a comment and hit me up if you want another fitness pal. I’m off to go get stuff done now, enjoy the rest of the week!

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