Shingles suck!

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So last Monday I started feeling a tingly sensation on my stomach, over the next two days it progressed into a numb and prickly feeling that would cause me to feel itchy. Thursday morning came around and I woke up to feel these rashy bumps on my lower back, hubby looked at them and thought maybe one of the new shirts I had purchased during the week had irritated my skin.

Well at this point I’ve been stressing out about starting this new job and the whacked schedule they were trying to give me, still undecided as to whether I really wanted to leave or keep my current job, and getting the house ready and myself packed for our weekend trip to California for my sisters wedding. Not even going to mention our ridiculously busy weekly schedule to go with all that.

Friday morning (2:30 am) comes around and hubby and I take off for Charlotte (where we’re flying out of), which is about a 2.5-3 hour drive. My rash has gotten a little redder and a few little red bumps have moved onto the side of my torso at this point… and I’m still itchy. I think it was by late Saturday morning (when we were getting ready for the wedding) that I started to get a little concerned, the rash had appeared to be spreading, it was now on a good portion of my side (and still on my back). I think I brought up shingles first (she’ll correct me if I’m wrong lol) because I had remembered our sister Jenny having gotten it twice due to severe stress. I started looking into it on my iPhone (I didn’t bring my laptop for the trip) and every single thing I was reading was describing exactly what I had and was experiencing.

Fast forward to Monday (the day we were flying back home), the rash on my side was WAY worse that the one on my back and maybe triple the size as well. Also, it appeared I was getting another cluster of rashy bumps on my stomach now, to join the other 2 I already had. I was super uncomfortable at this point and our long flight home was definitely not a restful one, plus we also had that 2.5-3 hour drive afterward.

First thing Tuesday morning, hubby was able to get me an appointment at the base clinic to get it checked out, all 3 rashes were very red and starting to blister up at that point. Just as I had suspected, it was indeed shingles. :(

So here I am recovering now. Btw, the blisters just got worse day after day and the pain from them filling up with fluid was so damn intense I ended up having 3 migraines in the span or just 24hrs (it didn’t help that I was having caffeine withdrawal to go with it). The blisters are now starting to dry up little by little, which now leaves me an itchy feeling all over and a very sore body from the shock treatment to my muscles that the pain put me through.

At least I know that I’m FINALLY starting to heal, slowly but surely. :)