Mental Clarity

February 11th, 2015 by Del

Current Mood:Blank emoticon Blank

Finally letting the stress of the past week and a half go, the weight is coming off of my shoulders and out of my mind. It wasn’t for lack of trying, I assure you that. I think sometimes I assume my friends think and feel deeply just the same as I do, so when something happens and they start acting different… it hurts. I feel shut out and almost like I have a wound on my heart. I need to realize some people just aren’t meant to stay in my life as “close friends”, some people will be close for a time and then drift off (whether by their decision or mine) into just friends and then eventually acquaintances. It does make me sad and I do take time to myself occasionally to reflect on what happened, I can’t live with regret, so my only choice is to move on and continue with life. I think there’s a reason God puts certain people in my life and I believe that when they’ve reached their purpose he then removes them, lessons are learned through every relationship. C’est la vie. :)>-

Went back to work at the salon this week and was greeted enthusiastically by the girl’s and my boss. Just a week gone and they missed me tremendously. It really does feel good to be wanted and appreciated. I’m just glad to not be an emotional rollercoaster this week, lol. Chaos and me do not mix well! I need mental zen. Oh! I finally got some good sleep last night too! I think I may have cracked my insomniac pattern, thanks to a long work shift (which I’m thankfully it’s only twice a week) and thanks to the Sleepy Time Tea that David bought for me. Slowly, but surely things are getting back to normal again. <3 So, I mentioned going to New York in my last post... well, I go in exactly a month! My mom, sister Ruth, and I are meeting up in DC first and then traveling to NY. A week without my babies and husband and just with part of my family, I'm so excited! :D I need to find a dress for a party we’re going to during our trip, but I have no idea what to wear! The theme is Classic Hollywood… I don’t think I want to go super classic Jean Harlow and her Gatsby sort of look though. <:-P Oh well, I’m sure I’ll find something or think of something to wear. I need to get off of here and get started on a few things around the house before everyone comes home. In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions on an outfit or costume, please feel free to comment or email me (link on the left). Also, if anyone has any suggestions on what to see or do in either Washington D.C. or New York City, please also feel free to let me know that too, I’d really appreciate it! Until next post! :)

Thanks, Melly!