Summer aaahhh…

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Baseball season is officially over for Michael, and with school out for the Summer we can finally just chill a little. Haley starts her online Physical Education class for HS this week, but aside from that we’ll be spending more time at the pool and finding some crafty things to do and/or make. Hopefully our friends won’t be busy 24/7 so we’ll be able to hang with them occasionally.

I’ve been working on my own physical fitness and trying to get to a place where I’m happy with the way my body makes me feel. I’m not in bad shape, but I definitely have room for improvement. I’ll be the big “40” next year and I was to be in great shape for myself and to be that inspiration for my kids to want to stay in healthy shape. I’m currently doing a Beachbody program by Shaun T called Focus T25 and I absolutely love it. I did it once last year, but wasn’t able to complete it with so many things going on last Summer. I’ll be finishing this Beta round before we go on our cruise in a few weeks, but plan on doing another Beta round when I get back and then the Gamma round or start PlYo (another Beachbody program) by Chalene before the kids go back to school. Speaking of school…

I can’t believe my little girl will be starting high school and my baby boy will be going into middle school this year! Where does the time go?!? So many things are gonna happen this year and I want to be in the best shape to keep up with it all! I need life to slow down so I can enjoy my family and our friends more. *sigh*

I may be changing some things around this blog, so if you see something that looks incomplete, it’s just me dusting some cobwebs and redecorating the place. ;)

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